Natasha Prout

Natasha has years of experience working in accounts receivable, she is a master negotiator and loves the chase of debt collection.

She has worked alongside many small businesses and understands the support they need. Natasha's diligence and care for her clients make her a valuable part of our team.

She is genuine in her dealings with the people she comes into contact with.

Kris Carroll

Kris brings to our team a sense of calm, which is often needed in our busy office. Having run her own business for many years Kris is well aware of the pitfalls. From this, she has developed a keen passion for Debt Collection and Accounts Management.

Kris has a natural way of communicating with clients which allow her to help them with all manner of problems.

Nichola Caddy

Nichola's area of expertise comes from over 30 years of being in business and the last 15 years running BCA Debt, in that time under her guidance BCA Debt has grown into a well-known brand. Nichola's resilience and determination have expanded BCA Debt into a bespoke debt collection service.

BCA Debt clients are looking for an alternative to the big non-personal agencies and Nichola has forged a unique place in the market for the company that provides this to BCA Debts clients.

Jaspar - Personal Assistant

Jaspar started working as a temp for one month, then decided to stay, he is Lindsey and Ron's PA. His job is to keep the field agents organised. More than likely if you have called the office you would have spoken to him, he's not one for a lot of words and prefers to be left alone to get on with his job. He is excellent at multi-tasking.

Lindsey - Field Agent

Has been The Repo Man for 13 years, spends most of his life in his car driving from place to place talking to people who are in financial difficulty. He is very patient with his customers, but if they don't take his excellent advice he loses that patience. If you listen to his advice you won't go wrong.



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