Being Kind and Respectful

It was an interesting conversation that leads me to write this article.

We have made a lot of changes, and these can be seen once you log in to the client access area. Working on the software is where my vision for the company lies, and I believe we have a great opportunity to affect many businesses this way.

We have been researching ways to integrate a new system that will help us in supporting our clients, which led me to an interesting conversation with a CRM company the other day (Customer Relationship Manager). They asked what industry we were in, and when I answered ‘Debt Collection’ they point blank said I could not use it for debt collecting (which was not my intention).

Their reasoning was that people with debt do not want to be contacted. Blanket statements like this are damaging to our industry because while a few people may duck and weave and avoid paying, most people genuinely want their debts resolved. In this ever-changing world, people demand (and deserve) to be treated with respect.

Most People genuinely want to do the right thing.

There is a preconception that Debt Collectors need to be tough. I have been in Debt Collection for 17 years, and our culture has always been to treat everyone with respect, give them the opportunity to express their frustrations and needs, and to help them solve their problems. Sure, this does not always happen amicably, but we endeavour at every opportunity to do the right thing by treating people with respect.

I started a (very long) list of the ways that we add value to our clients, and a theme started to emerge. What really came through was how my team solves problems for our clients by helping their customers solve problems with their money.

We work to help our clients and debtors solve their money problems.

The BCA Debt Team is diligent at communicating with both parties to help them resolve issues and set goals to pay back their debts, or come to an agreement. We give value to our clients by removing them from the emotions of getting money paid to them for the work that they have done. We give value by helping our debtors set up payment plans that benefit both parties.

I am proud of our team, our clients and our debtors and hope that we can work together to change the perception of our industry by being kind and respectful to all parties involved.

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