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Medical Debt Collection Agency for Medical Practice Managers

If you own a business in the healthcare industry, you will know it’s sometimes difficult to collect outstanding debts. Often, providing outstanding service is the easy part of any interaction with patients, following up for outstanding debts takes away from time you could be spending with other patients or working on your business. 

Medical bill collections often come with a range of issues, which is why many medical practitioners use a medical debt collection agency like BCA Debt to take care of medical bill collections for you. 

We collect:-

  • Overdue accounts
  • Medicare gap
  • The gap in private health cover

Benefits of using a Medical Debt Collection Agency

We understand that some people balk at the idea of using a debt collection agency to collect medical bills – this is why we’ve put in place proven recovery strategies to make it simple and painless for debtors to pay their outstanding debts. 

We can organise for debtors to pay off outstanding debts in a structured way so you receive as much of the debt as possible.

Whilst the basic steps of debt collection are similar, we target our service to meet the needs of each industry we work with. This gives our clients peace of mind that once they have passed their overdue accounts to us, we handle everything, including taking the debt through the court process if this is the appropriate way to finalise it.

How does it work?

Our debt collectors liaise closely with big insurance companies to cover all aspects of collecting debts associated with workers’ compensation and other medical work-related debts.

You pay a small fee to have the debt entered into our system plus a percentage of the amount collected. This commission covers everything from sending letters to telephone calls. We always request your consent to go ahead with any extra work including tracing people who have moved and making field calls.

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