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Being a property manager can be challenging when it comes to the collection of money owed from tenants and renters. Often, once a tenant has moved out of a property, there is a higher level of difficulty in obtaining outstanding debts if you don’t have a successful debt collection process in place.

BCA Debt is your key to getting back owed debts

Often a high rate of successful debt collection combines a swift application of the debt collection process along with pure tenacity and persistence when obtaining payment from tenants who avoid their obligations for monies owed.

Attempting to chase down payments takes time and effort out of your day which could be put to better use selling properties, finding more tenants or prospective rental properties, etc. Engaging with a rent arrears collection agency frees up this process and hands over time and effort to a third party that specialises in collecting unpaid rent.

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BCA Debt has a deep understanding of the debt collection process for real estates and property managers. We combine our expertise in debt collection processes along with top-level negotiation skills to provide the best outcome for all parties involved.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our real estate debt collection services, please start by filling out the form to your right or contact us on 1300 136 917.

Please Note:  We do not collect rental debts for private owners, we collect for Real Estate Companies through their Property Managers.


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