We are very proud of what our clients have to say

"Many thanks Natasha. Once again, thank you ever so much for collecting this debt. It has been a thorn in my side for a few years now."

“BCA has been very helpful in managing our debts. They have helped us manage our debts and nearly eliminate the debts we had older than 90 days. The process is simple and easy to use.”

"Thanks to Natasha at BCA Debt we have successfully recovered all of our outstanding invoice to date. Great support and simplified service. Thanks again."

"I think that BCA is a very good company. I deal with Tracy and she has been so good with me. As the girl doing this job left and didn't show me how to do any BCA stuff. Tracy was so good and would ring and help me. I was so grateful for her help."

"I must compliment your company on your professionalism, your services are superb."

“We are very satisfied with the levels of service offered by BCA Debt. Working in a difficult area, they always deal with things in a professional manner, they are prompt with their follow up, and they have a good success rate recovering monies from bad debtors.”

"Everything is going well. Maree is brilliant. I admire her patience with some of our special clients!"

"Previously before using BCA Debt, we followed up on outstanding levies ourselves. We were never able to get the funds out of some of the owners due to location, or just ignoring our requests. There was never any way of being fearsome, but debt collectors can and can enforce legal action. BCA Debt has taken the emotion away from me to get on with more imperative responsibilities. Using your services saves me time in not needing to follow up on owners outstanding levies. I already have recommended your services to others and I always will as I cannot recommend you highly enough. The best feature of your services is that you only charge when payments are made and never charge when a debt does not get paid, and you find people as well. I am tremendously pleased with your services, you provide a fantastic service offering excellent advice and I am always happy with BCA Debt."

"We will definitely be renewing our subscription with the agency, very happy with the service being provided at this stage."

"Before using BCA, we were not able to get funds out of the owners, due to not knowing their location. Since using your services, there have been positive results, and the emotion from following this up myself has disappeared. The money that is coming in now from the owners, means that the Strata Complex now has the funds to do what is needed to be done and has taken the financial burden away from the other owners. I will always recommend you guys. You always keep me informed of what is going on."

"I log into BCA regularly - it is a great system. Happy with your service."

"Prior to using BCA, we were always chasing owners for money. There was no way of being intimidating. BCA has taken the stress away from me in order to get on with more important business. Using BCA Debt's services saves me time in chasing the owners and they are very time effective. I already have recommended your services to others. The best feature of your services is that you only charge when payments are made. I am extremely happy with your services, as I have been a client of yours for many years, and much more to come."

"I had 2 debts that had been on my books for 18 months, once I handed them to BCA Debt it was sorted within a week and a half, I will certainly use BCA Debt again."

"I have used the services of Nichola Caddy and her very qualified team at BCA Debt and am highly satisfied with the level of service, expertise and assistance we have received whilst under her company’s stewardship. Nichola is a highly competent business woman who is diligent and thorough and has a tremendous grasp of all areas of credit, compliance and debt collection. The BCA team were able to assist us by implementing easy to use systems and processes that supported us to bring our recalcitrant overdue customers back into line. They were then able to hand over the clients that had a clear payment plan in place to our customer service team to continue to deliver services to what were potentially lost clients."

"Fairly random email but just want to thank you ladies for your help and assistance. The way you both are consistent and reassuring with replies and work together, I think is both professional and inspiring so thank you!"

"Jasmat Steel Fabrications can highly recommend BCA Debt. We contacted BCA Debt to carry out a full set-up of our Terms and Conditions and other associated documentation. BCA Debt offered a package which covered all that we required. All the staff we dealt with were always professional and quick to respond to any queries we had. Furthermore, a few months later we required BCA Debt to carry out a Debt Recovery on our behalf, of which, they acted promptly and proficiently, thankfully the debt recovery was a success."

"We have changed our payment terms to 100% prepaid for all clients and will no longer need any debt collection services. Should this change in the future I’ll let you know. Thank you for the many years of service. You’ve been very reliable and professional."



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